“MOTIVATE your team.  ENERGIZE your business.  EMPOWER your life.”

- David Jensen

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The Naked Interview: Hiring Without Regret, a #1 Bestseller, introduces a system to create hiring processes and reveals Ten Truths for hiring the right person the first time and every time. Available: Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble.



David Jensen speaks at Fortune 500 companies, keynotes for events and motivates at small business masterminds. Speaking topics cover the subjects of hiring, entrepreneurial business & team success.


Coach (Business & Life)

David is an experienced C-Level executive, consultant and entrepreneur. Over 25 years he’s perfected a unique system of helping business owners isolate the EXACT factor needed to accelerate profitability.

“An ultra professional speaker with an impactful presentation.” – GQ


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Hiring the Best & Brightest!

“I HATE hiring!” is what most business owners, executives and even employees say. Having personally helped hundreds of businesses with their hiring challenges and helping Supervisors & Department Heads understand screening candidates, David is THE authority in hiring. His presentation of Ten Truths of Hiring is as entertaining as it is educational.


Systems Drive Profitability!

Intelligent executives implement systems. David talks about the vital necessity to increase productivity by implementing systems. He has hilarious (and serious) examples of how every area of a company contributes to its expansion. Teamwork and delegation are encouraged in this highly motivational presentation.


A Balanced Life is Possible!

Life is to be lived, with a smile. David talks about management and team-members developing balance between tedious day-to-day demands, strategic long-term expansion challenges and maintaining the freedom to enjoy family, friends, health and happiness. When you are energetically pursuing goals, profitability skyrockets!

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    Your Team

    MOTIVATE Your Team!  “People are the backbone of every business; so good people make good business.”-DJ

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    Your Business

    ENERGIZE Your Business! David understands the challenges faced; he’s helped thousands from small or mid-size businesses to Fortune 500 companies isolate the EXACT factors needed to accelerate any company’s growth.

  • Your Life

    EMPOWER Your Life!  David helps you create and implement systems to develop balance between tedious day-to-day demands, strategic long-term expansion challenges and maintaining the freedom to enjoy family, friends, health and happiness.

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#1 Bestselling Author, Fortune 500 Speaker, Inc. 500 Consultant: David Jensen has over 25 years experience as a corporate executive, business consultant, and successful entrepreneur. Now a highly in-demand international speaker, he is sharing his insight, inspiration and making public his secrets to personal success, wealth, happiness and his story of overcoming personal tragedy to get there.

A prolific writer, David recently landed an Amazon #1 Bestseller with The Naked Interview: Hiring Without Regret.  This internationally acclaimed book has received abundant accolades as a no-nonsense, straight-talking guide to the interviewing and hiring process. He was invited by Arianna Huffington herself to become a regular columnist for The Huffington Post, by-lined as The Hiring Guru. Jensen professes that hiring should be easy, once systemized, so you can hire the right person the first time and every time.

David is a charismatic speaker and motivator; touring to keynote for Fortune 500 companies, industry conferences and small business groups alike. He shares heartfelt, hard-knocks experience with relatable stories of visionary achievement in the face of adversity.  He truly believes anyone can attain the level of success, wealth and happiness they have always aspired to and gives introspective exercises for anyone to plot their own correct course of action with critical thinking. The result is each individual in entire audiences realizing they have the capacity and ability to rise to new plateaus of accomplishment personally and professionally.

David is an intuitive consultant, having helped literally hundreds of business owners one-on-one. From core-message development to crisis management, his in-depth experience parlays street-smarts with board room savvy. His understanding spans diverse industries; coaching executives in the fields of human resources, banking, entertainment, marketing, public relations, telecommunications and retail franchises to name a few. As an executive coach he perfected a unique survey to isolate the EXACT factors needing improvement to rapidly accelerate a company’s growth. It was the frequency with which hiring problems arose during this assessment that sparked recognition of that as the core element to revitalizing any business. To further help business owners he founded The Hiring Academy to systematize the hiring process.

David has along the way continuously produced stellar results for clients driving statistics to highest ever ranges and posturing several companies for 8-figure sales.  He served as President of United Merchant Services Banking (UMS) for ten years before stepping up to the Board of Directors. He spearheaded their portfolio growth to over $2.5 billion in payments processing, industry-leading client retention, national ranking in the Top US providers and award-winning customer service.

Jensen is an East-Coast transplant who, after attending Northeastern University in Boston, now resides in Southern California with his beautiful family.  Personally he is extremely philanthropic, actively helping raise millions for charity and contributes intellectually to the Genius Network Mastermind and Experts Industry Association. He is a Boy Scouts Scoutmaster and coached high-school basketball at a Championship level earning 2008 Coach of the Year.

“Hire David.  Best speaker we’ve had, ever.”

“I can speak from experience that HIRING is the toughest job as a business owner and ONE bad hire can cause YEARS of misery!  Hiring has always been the biggest gamble and the biggest headache in all of my businesses.  Finally somebody is tackling the core issues of this problem and giving some sane solutions.  David, your advice in hiring has helped me immensely!  Thanks for sharing your strategies!”


“David is an enthusiastic coach who with simple coaching steps, his system guided me to clarity and focus for the direction and guidance for my business. His simple yet powerful marketing work did wonders for me developing my company’s core message and I would highly recommend working with him.  With massive gratitude, thank you.”

J.S.Charity Founder

“David Jensen has developed a system that takes the guess work and finger-crossing out of the equation.  In his Ten Truths, he summarizes the most important steps to take for hiring the right person to add to your team.  His method of approach is easy to assimilate and he’s got some great stories.  The Naked Interview: Hiring Without Regret is a must read for executives that want to improve their business!”


“David Jensen is the best consultant who delivers reliable and consistent service in an efficient and no-nonsense style by asking questions most people never ask.  If you want to change your results in business or in life, and desire to reach outstanding levels of achievement, you might find David offers those specific resources that are helping you achieve those high expectations.”


“David Jensen is not just an Executive Coach, he’s a consigliere!  By definition: A counselor, advisor, the master strategist behind the scenes for the head of ‘the family’.  He showed me how my business was impacting my life, negatively and inspired me to do something about it.  Now I’ve got balance in business and life.”


“David Jensen absolutely nailed it!  As a business and franchise owner myself, I found his book The Naked Interview: Hiring Without Regret extremely valuable!  As a business coach I loved David’s very direct pointers on decision.  He’s especially crystal clear on first evaluating what area you are hiring for.  I know with this system my clients will benefit greatly and I will be referring back to this book often in the future.”


“David Jensen’s coaching advice was highly beneficial to our chiropractic practice.  Ever since applying the system described in his book The Naked Interview: Hiring Without Regret our hires have not just been great experiences, but then they’ve stuck too! Retention of great people is invaluable, once you’ve got the right fit. Thank you!”

Dr. S.Chiropractor

“David is not just an Executive Coach, he’s a consigliere!”

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